Mrs. Lybbert?

Grades are due tomorrow and I have a ridiculous stack of papers to correct still.

I made dinner rolls; we are having egg sandwiches.

And because of that, I still have time to make a list of the top ten things to come out of student mouths today:

  1. “Mrs. Lybbert, you should get up super early and make us cinnamon rolls tomorrow.”
  2. I asked one student if she understood why she got a zero on her final essay. She didn’t. I pointed out that she had cut and pasted every paragraph from six or seven different websites. Her response: “I changed some of the words!!”
  3. “Mrs. Lybbert? Can we have naptime?”
  4. After reading “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”, one student slapped both hands down on his desk. “What? Seriously? He dies? Are you kidding?!  Do you have a shredder? That’s it; Guys, give me your books. We’re shredding these.”
  5. On the final, in response to the question, “Summarize the events that occurred on Owl Creek Bridge” one student wrote, “She probably committed suicide because of the rabbits.” (?????!) And yes, it was her best answer.
  6. “Mrs. Lybbert, if I don’t turn anything else in, I’ll still pass, right?”
  7. “Mrs. Lybbert, What’s my grade?”    Me: You have a D. “SWEET! Dude. I’m passing, and there’s only one day left.”
  8. “Mrs. Lybbert? Can I be in your class next year?”
  9. “Mrs. Lybbert? What’s the literary term for flashback?”
  10. And my favorite: Five minutes before the bell, and we’re almost done reading Chekov’s “The Bet”.  Students are taking turns reading, and the student who usually packs up 15 minutes early is still in his seat. He says to the current reader, “Dude! Hurry up! We can’t leave until I know what happens.”

One response to “Mrs. Lybbert?

  • Ruth

    Aaahhhh – I smiled! This so made me smile. I have to know what happens … How are you ever going to stand letting go of these youth? Oh I know you will get so busy with a new batch you will love and lead along … but oh, how we miss them when they go – I still think of many of ‘my’ students.

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