Say it With Carbs

Bears may like to say it with a slap, but for the Lybberts, it’s all about carbs:

photo (26)

As long as I’ve made something like that, they’ll forgive me something like the accompanying cabbage roll casserole, which isn’t particularly photogenic, but is one of my favorite meals. My children only like it until they are old enough to know what it contains, and then after they are old enough again to think rationally in the face of green things.

The rest of them ate leftovers–of which, in spite of my best recipe-adjusting efforts, there were a few building up. I have, after all, committed not only to making sure there is food to eat every night–but to actually cooking dinner every night, no  matter how many leftovers there might be. I will get all of these leftovers, and that’s fine with me–because I’m sick of tootsie pops for  lunch:

photo (25)

The French bread is worth making–5 cups hot water, 1/4 cup each of sugar, oil and yeast, 4 tsp of salt, and enough flour to make a stiff dough.  It’s that simple. The casserole is just hamburger, onions and cabbage, tomato products (whichever you have on hand) Italian-ish spices, uncooked rice, water, and low, prolonged heat. It’s like magic.

As for yesterday’s dinner, at the last minute, a family of five was invited over to our house (notice the passive construction of that statement, there) so it became necessary to make tacos for the second time in one week. They had lettuce, and we had cheese, corn flour, and hamburger; it was meant to be.

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