Today, my son pulled out the cabinets next to our washer/dryer. (They’re easier to move than the 6000 ton appliance.) Turns out the reason my house has been smelling so fresh the past couple weeks is that the dryer has been venting directly into my basement.

I thought it was getting dusty around here. You should see the lint.

No. You shouldn’t.

Don’t come visit me.

Although, I finally might have something to offer you for dinner, because today I gave up and went grocery shopping, 6 days short of an entire month (if you don’t count eggs).  Kind of. Mostly I just bought enough food to get us through until the next time I can make it out of town to a real grocery store.

Honestly, I probably could have gone a lot longer, had I not run out of Brussels sprouts. It’s amazing what you can find to cook if you’re determined to do so–and you buy non-perishable food in large quantities the way I always have. Meat and vegetables freeze, noodles and canned sauces last at least a year, and cheese lasts several months if you keep it packaged airtight and cold. Milk from Costco will last at least five weeks if it’s sealed. We haven’t tried longer than that, but who knows?

Just for kicks, I think I’ll post my grocery bill every month this year, too, and you can compare it, per capita, to your own, if you like, and tell me where I’m going wrong.  It won’t be totally accurate this month because everything we ate so far, I bought last year, including the ingredients in tonight’s dinner. It’s lasagna, in case you can’t tell, and it did not come out of the freezer, which means it took a ridiculous amount of time to prepare–and yes, that’s yet another cell phone quality picture:

photo (24)


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