Take Two

Playing Scrabble this evening with my youngest. 

I spell “yearn”.

He thinks I’m making potty references. 


Oh. Yeah.

YEARN. It’s different than URINE. 

And also, I have to make a confession. My rice last night was disgusting. It was brown rice, and it not only tasted like a box (weird, since it came in a bag), it never really cooked right. Half mushy/half gritty. 

So tonight I still wanted rice. BBQ chicken to the rescue–and its the best BBQ sauce recipe I’ve found yet: 12 oz BBQ sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s), 1/2 c Italian dressing, 2 TBSP Worcestershire, 1/4 c brown sugar. The recipe said to slow cook it; I don’t have a crock pot yet, so I put it in the oven on 350 for an hour and a half:


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