Day 17

First day back at school after winter break. It was better than I imagined it might be, but only because I was super blessed with one miracle after another, all day. It was unbelievable how many things fell into place that absolutely shouldn’t have. And now there are only nine days left of the semester.

I think I can, I think I can…

Also,  apparently I can make decent tortillas with a bit of salt and Maseca, as demonstrated by the fact that we ran out of tortillas before taco meat tonight. (When has that ever happened in the history of tacos for dinner?) They taste better than they look.

#1 best thing about homemade tortillas? You don’t have to remember to buy fresh ones. The flour keeps at least a year without problems–which is a lot longer than even Costco heads of lettuce will ever last. (And yes, 17 days is really pushing it with the lettuce, refrigerator salesmen promises aside.)

Best thing #2: you can make them as big as you like (these ones are 10-12 inches across.)

photo (17)


Now I just need to get some chickens, and learn how to make my own lettuce, and I’d NEVER have to go to the store in the winter.

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