Six Eggs and a Mustache

Best idea for dinner yet: Eat at someone else’s house.


All I had to take was cheesecake–and yes, I bought it last night. Along with 10 dozen eggs, since we were already at the store. (My boys were out of deodorant, and that is not a purchase a mother of teen boys argues with.)

I wasn’t willing to go on an all-out shopping trip yet, but I caved in and bought those three things.

Oh, and a razor, because one of my sons had that, you know… nasty, early teen, semi-transparent mustache thing going on

And why 10 dozen eggs?

First of all, they were uncharacteristically inexpensive, and second, have you ever seen how many eggs a young man with one of those sparsely emerging mustaches can eat? I used to be able to buy five dozen and they’d last a month. Now, I’m lucky if they’ll last a week.

My 14 year old (not actually the mustache in question) ate six eggs with cheese and four pieces of toast for lunch today,  followed by a dozen sugar cookies.

He’s 5’4, 115 pounds, and shaped like Twiggy.

The eggs will probably be gone before I get back to the store again–depending on how much I start missing lettuce.

(Or how soon another boy springs facial hair unannounced.)

Just kidding. I’ll go.  Next week. Maybe. We’ll see how creative I can get with all these recipes people are instant and text messaging me lately. It’s great! Keep them coming.

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