Day 14


Whatever shall I make for dinner? What, after 14 days, still remains in depths of the pantry?

Oh look! I have several thousand pounds of this:

photo (13)



Which only takes about an hour and a half, some yeast, sugar, oil, and salt, to turn into this:

photo (16)

While the dough was rising, I also found a box of apples that’d seen better days:

photo (14)

Calm yourselves; I cut out the moldy parts before I made sauce.

photo (15)

I also included a bowl of oranges, some melted honey, a jar of powdered sugar, and some freezer jam to fill out the spread.  I put the bread in the oven as I fried it, keeping it hot so we could eat together, rather than in shifts as it came out of the oil.

Yes, I said, “out of the oil”. Fry bread is, by nature, deep fried.

And yes: Every single thing on the table was loaded with carbs.

Come on–there’s  protein in whole wheat!


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