About That

In case you’re wondering–yes, I got the test results back.

Yes, it’s my liver.

No, they have no idea why.

Yes, I’ve been put on a cancellation list in case somebody else doesn’t want to consult the specialist at their appointed time and I can drive to Wenatchee in time to take their spot.

Yes, that means that I might call you up and cancel on you at any given notice.

If nobody cancels, the next available appointment isn’t until February 17th.

Yes, sometimes I feel like sitting here and crying. On my hands, so I don’t scratch my skin to ruin.

No, I don’t really want to hear any more theories about what is wrong with me.

Unless you happen to be a specialist in liver disorders–then bring it on.

Yes, I have two overdue posts simmering; I will publish them this weekend.

I have to sneak a couple of photos first.

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