Unmanic Monday

New favorite symptoms of liver disease: excessive sweating–as in: get up and change all your clothes  or freeze to the sodden sheets in the middle of the night sweating. Yeah. Fun times. Especially when my palms spontaneously turn into water fountains in the middle of the day.


You thought that because I didn’t post strictly on schedule you weren’t going to have to listen to me whine this week?

Let me tell you a secret: I took the day off. Yes Ma’am, that’s right. We celebrated the ultimate Take It Easy Tuesday by starting twenty four hours in advance. Not a single child (who I did not personally participate in the creation of) crossed my threshold, and I slept until nine.  I also started dinner at two and made apple crisp and puttered around playing a glorious version of housemommy all day long.

I know, you’re jealous–unless you, too, take federal holidays seriously. In which case you had a wonderfully unmanic Monday also.

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