Sleeping On the Job

To honor the spirit of Take it Easy Tuesdays–and the fact that there were only four toddlers here today–rather than write this post or read  in one of my 32 required texts during naptime, I (drumroll…) took a nap!

Yes, that’s right: I lay me down to sleep in the middle of the floor with a toddler on either side, in the midst of a menagerie of  stuffed animals. It was blissful. For about forty minutes–at which point the shape of my hips and the pliability of the floor had irreconcilable differences, but you take what you can get.

As for those 32 texts: yes, there really are 32. I do not (exclusively) exaggerate.  Fortunately 22 of them include novels like Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird. Texts I will not actually have to read again in order to comment thereon. I also have the option of watching the film version of some of them, which, again in the spirit of the day, I have decided upon. So completely not in my overachiever mindset to do so, but just getting through 22 films in the next fourteen weeks would be a serious accomplishment, let alone actually reading the novels.

See, I know how to take it easy…

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