Taking the Guesswork out of Dinner

Studying the Old Testament in Sunday school this year. The story of the Israelites and manna today. Somebody asked the question: How could the Israelites complain about food that miraculously appears on the ground every morning? 
The class consensus, which I didn't bother to challenge, was that after a year or so of eating the same stuff, everyone would get bored. 
I know my children would; food "miraculously" appears for them all the time and they never seem very satisfied/grateful with it–there is more variety and abundance of food in my house at this very moment than probably occupied my childhood home in three years time, and still they are making lists of things I "need" to pick up tomorrow. 
So I didn't speak up with a dissenting opinion, but what I was really thinking, sitting there, was that if manna were to fall from heaven tomorrow, and the day after that, and on for forty years–wouldn't that take the guesswork out of dinner for the rest of my natural life?
I think I could go for manna. 
Breakfast is outside in the grass, children; if you think you'll be hungry later, gather enough for your lunch and dinner, too. What? You don't want to get out of bed? You're sick of manna? Huh. I guess you'll be hungry today. 

How perfect would that be?

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10 responses to “Taking the Guesswork out of Dinner

  • Flamingo Dancer

    I love your writing as there is always a new viewpoint or a twist. Great stuff!

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL….soooooo true. I never thought of it that way. That would get boring, wouldn't it. I guess we are all kind of spoiled by all the choices.

  • P.S.

    I am all for it! Totally perfect. What would we do with all that time we save, cooking, shopping, planning, preparing and cleaning up after…..

  • Kimber

    Thank you–I value your opinion, FD!

  • Kimber

    I know!! Can you imagine? Although I think they had to grind and cook it–because it said they made bread with it, of some sort. But if we didn't have to consider food–our lives would be radically different…

  • P.S.

    I so pose you're right. But- when everything is the same there is always someone that trys to take it ot the next level and it becomes a competition. When do you think they started adding little shavings of carrot to it.?… and maybe they are the one's who origionally came up with the name of that potato dish…… tee hee

  • Denise

    After almost 32 years of marriage and preparing at least 2 meals EVERYday, I would be thrilled for 40 years of manna. LOL Seriously though, think of all the hours and hours of freedom that would free up. Now that is *food for thought*. 😉
    Great post!

  • Kimber

    Welcome to the neighborhood Denise! Seriously–don't you think you spend most of your life buying/preparing/cleaning up food? Not to mention trying to walk off the evidence of eating it, right? ;o)

  • Kate

    I had to laugh at the comparison that food magically appears before your children everyday in greater variety than just manna. And they still complain. Are you sure you aren't talking about my house/children?

  • Kimber

    Maybe they walked…although, considering the actual amount of land they crossed, they did a lot more camping out in one spot than walking! I wonder… they didn't have books, right? So they weren't reading scriptures…although maybe they were learning–to be a literate nation. What else do you do on a forty year camping trip besides tell and retell stories and become really, really well aquainted? Maybe it was necessary for the formation of the nation Israel.

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