NO, Please, Not That!

Some time ago our school district mailed me six separate letters, which I confessed to tossing. 

Today I got this terse little note:
Dear Parents:

If your student has not turned in his/her ethnicity paperwork to the office, administration will be forced to determine the ethnicity of your student. Thank you in advance for the return of this form.

I don't know about you, but I'm all a-tremble…

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7 responses to “NO, Please, Not That!

  • Freedom Smith

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! My daughter, the one we adopted from Vietnam, thought it was very funny that one of her friends asked her how she would fill out that part of a form and of course, my daughter no doubt gave her a "duh" look and said, "Asian." Her friend was aghast….had no idea she was not "Caucasian." LOLOL!! My daughter thought this was hilarious….I mean, yes, she has light skin but her eyes and features are clearly Asian and she had the dark black hair. She is very lovely (I am partial). I got a kick out of the fact that my daughter thought it was so funny!

  • Emmi

    What's with these grumpy "authorities"…it must be something in the air this week!

  • Kimber

    I want to know if they think race changes as my children age? Like I haven't filled out the race thing every year, for years?

  • Emjay

    oh LOL – that gave me a really good laugh! When we were little kids we were super blonde (think Scandinavian), one of my sisters wrote a short composition about our parents and she wrote "my father is from the islands and is black" . My mother still laughs about the confusion that caused. My father is actually from Guernsey in the British Channel Islands and he had very black hair and was always tanned in the Australian sun. We 3 blonde daughters and a red haired son got all our mother's genes.

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL, that would be way to hard, to look back for their own information šŸ™‚

  • Kimber

    I've got two boys who look completely unrelated–a blue-eyed blond so blond you can't see his eye lashes and eye brows, and an olive complexioned one with almost black eyes and dark hair. I happen to know they come from an identical gene pool, but I might have my doubts if I wasn't their mother! I always think it's odd when the lighter/reddish recessive side wins out over the dominant genes.

  • Kimber

    I don't know, but I broke down and sent the forms back this morning. I did chose the "Other__________" option and filled in, "Human", though. I just couldn't resist. And. Honestly, I can't choose just one of those categories. We are mongrels, truly.

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