Let Me Go–Wait, Don’t!

I wasn't going to stop at Costco at all. 
I was going to the temple, and then I was going home.
But my two oldest sons need shorts; last summer one of them wore the same pair every day for seven months. 
True story.
And March 'tis the season for spring wear at Costco.
So I stopped. Found a great deal on six pair of cargo shorts, and then remembered I needed some rice milk for one of the milk-sensitive families I care for. 
Decided I might as well venture deeper into the store–since I was there anyway…that and my hands were shaking and I was seeing double because I hadn't eaten yet and it was two o'clock in the afternoon and home was an hour and a half away…and something on the sample tables smelled really good. 
I spent five hundred dollars on rice milk and peanut butter and produce.
How does that happen?
I didn't even buy meat or candy or ready-made meals.
Another true story:
On the way home I was flipping through radio stations trying to find something, anything that didn't set my teeth on edge. Finally put in one of my teenager's CD's. The first song was pretty mellow, and I let the guy have free reign of my stereo system for a few minutes. 
After listening to him plead, for the five hundredth time, "Don't let me go, Don't let me go…" I skipped to the next track. 
The opening vocals?
"Let me go-o-o-o, Let me go-o-o-o…"
I laughed out loud. 
And then I turned off the stereo and I enjoyed the silence. 

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4 responses to “Let Me Go–Wait, Don’t!

  • Ladywise

    That is hilarious! I am laughing my @$$ off!

  • Waterbaby

    Five hundred bucks on peanut butter, rice milk and produce?! Did you purchase by the caseloads? I used to do food demos at Costco. If ever you wanna see people at their worst, give away free food.

  • Kimber

    Haha! Free food does that, doesn't it? Free anything really…wait, let's not get into politics here…Yeah. I buy a lot of food to feed this many kids (something like twenty-five if you count my family) I buy a dozen gallons of milk, veggies and fruit in giant cans, five hundred pounds of flour at once because it's on sale, and it goes fast! I usually spend $1000 a month at costco. That's two really well packed carts. The box boys can rarely get it back into the two carts and I end up pulling three out. That's Costco-sized carts, remember. (They give me the evil eye at Safeway when I do things like buy forty boxes of cereal at once.)

  • Alicia

    Wow! I love it when I can find some random irony in my life. I start laughing when I see one, and I get a lot of funny looks. Keep at it girl! Those things are what keep me going sometimes. XD

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