Betty Davis Made Me an Apron

There's a little embroidered tag on the inside, as proof. "Made Especially FOR YOU BY Betty Davis".
I've never even met the woman but I babysit her great-grandchildren and they told her about my aprons with the deep mysterious pockets, and she sent me a new one. And I can fit a novel into these pockets.
She's probably no relation to the musician (although, if I've got my facts guesses straight, her son is the dj for KDRM) but the woman can sew!
My favorite part is the caption along the hem which reads, "Life is just a chair of bowlies"
Clearly our dear Ms. Davis understands what interacting with a lot of young people day after day does to the neurons responsible for transmitting thoughts into speech; my children no longer look at me in consternation when I tell them to do things like put the towels in the dishwasher or the milk in the oven. 
While we are on the topic of aprons anyway (and I have my camera out) this is the one my sister bought, and I admired, late one night at Target with a fist-full of cash ($968 in ones, fives and tens) years ago because we thought it was pretty and because what's twelve more dollars when you've already spent almost one thousand on your children's school clothes? 
She gave it to me a few days later for my birthday:

The great thing about this last apron is how enormous it is; even my shoulders stay clean–and if you've ever hauled around any critter under the age of three, you understand how monumental that is:
My mother helped my children make it years ago. It says, "I Think I Can" along with all sorts of other cheesy little puns she made up and painted on with toothpicks and fabric paint: Lettuce be nice, Love can't be beet, Squash meanness… etc.  (I've mentioned my parent's love of words, right?)
I was going to model them for you, but self-portraits are not one of the many things I have learned to do.
But thank you, Betty, Nena, and Mom. And all the other apron wielding women in my life, past and present. Only a woman with a true mother-heart still understands the need for an apron. (Especially one with pockets.)

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15 responses to “Betty Davis Made Me an Apron

  • Waterbaby

    Ohhhh, love the last apron! Do folks actually still wear aprons? With the popularity of fast food, quick-fix foods, microwaves and so on, seems like cooking's taken a hit and with it aprons …

  • Freedom Smith

    What an awesome idea of something to post on your blog about! Most of us have aprons…and our aprons have various stories and memories. I love the ones you showed us and the history of them and why they are special to you! Yes, I still wear an apron upon occasion and my kids do as well.

  • Kimber

    That's what I mean by a true mother-heart. Anyone caring for children and home knows there is no substitute for home cooking–no box of cereal or foil wrapped pastry can substitute for waking up in the cold dark hours to the smell of something good cooking; and the pockets! You have to have, on your person, at all times, a pen to sign permission slips and write yourself reminders, baby pacifiers, nail clippers, scraps of paper, keys to let toddlers out of the bathroom they lock themselves in, preferably a phone–because when it rings in the middle of changing a diaper or making bread, if it isn't close, you won't answer, and what if it's the office calling to say someone has split open their head–these things must all be within reach if you don't want to be the mom always saying, just a minute! The pockets are honestly the most crucial part–clothes can wash! (Although it's a lot easier to change a barfed-on apron than a shirt) Glad to see you're back from vacation! (Tell me you didn't really make the bacon cookies??)

  • Kimber

    Ah, it was my sister with the fist full of money. (I think I had a total of fifty!) We joked with the checker that is was drug money, but really she's just a wedding planner/photographer and all year she'd been saving up whatever people paid her in cash so she could secretly go out and spend whatever she wanted on back to school clothes for her kids without having to work it into the budget! Thus also the clandestine visit in the middle of the night to Target. We were out of town, it was 9:45 pm, and the doors said the store closed at 9, but there were still lights on and the doors opened, and nobody threw us out! I still haven't figured out whether she gave it to me out of guilt for swiping the last one before I could reach the rack, or if she planned it for my birthday all along because I admired it! Though I suspect the latter; she's very generous.

  • Waterbaby

    The description about the pockets and their contents … spoken like someone who knows and has been there! 😉 I'm a pockets person for coats and work shirts (as well as pants, bluejeans esp.); they're a determining factor in purchases. Oh, backpacks too! (Don't carry traditional type purses/handbags so couldn't care less about pockets there.) Be assured, I didn't make those bacon cookies! Besides, just about every picture I post is off the Web, I don't have a camera.

  • Waterbaby

    P.S. I loathe Target. I boycott them after a bad experience with not only the local store but the corporation. I blogged on it years ago, matter of fact. Scumbags.

  • Kimber

    Really? We only have Walmart and Safeway here in Moses, so I haven't been many other places very often. To me, anything seems better than Walmart! At least our local one–it's crazy there.

  • Waterbaby

    No fan of Walmart myself but I'd give them a dollar; Target, I won't give them even a dime. Ever again.

  • Freedom Smith

    Sounds like so much fun!! I love shopping trips with a friend or my mother (especially my mother) when we get to buy things for the kids! My girls are already talking about the dresses they need for their 8th grade trip to Washington, DC and also (the same dress) for graduation, and my youngest daughter will want a dress for her graduation. Of course, these will have to also be their Sunday dresses. My older girls are growing and need too much and clothing gets so expensive once they get in the women's and junior sizes! But, we will figure it out somehow! Your trip sounds like soooo much fun!!!

  • Ladywise

    I never was an apron wearer myself, but I grew up with my granny living with us. She was in her 80's when she moved in. She lived with us until she passed away at the age of 97. My granny never wore a pair of pants in her life. She always said "Pants are for men!" and she would get upset with us for wearing them. She got up every morning and put on her dress and stockings and heels (where my mother got it from I guess), and her apron. She wore her apron every day all day, and I would guess the pockets were the big thing for her. She kept all sorts of little things in those pockets. When we were picking out clothes for her for her funeral, we included an apron. I can't look at an apron without thinking of her to this day. Nice post Kimber.

  • P.S.

    so funny- I am by no means a good cook- but I thought everyone wore aprons. Maybe I am just messier than the average…

  • Kimber

    I didn't wear them for a long time–and my clothes were always a mess, but I just chalked it up to being in the kitchen a lot. And they were all hand-me-downs anyway, so I didn't really care. And I never left my house… I think it took someone giving me an apron for me to make the mental leap that I could wear that all day and not have to rush to change my clothes if something came up.

  • Kimber

    We had a maiden aunt that sounds just like your grandma–and I'm telling you: I love my pockets. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a job where aprons or smocks were allowed!

  • angie

    Grandma says, "You're very welcome!"

  • Emjay

    I love that one in the middle – it is quite a sexy model. My mother has given me some lovely aprons with Australian motifs on them – I'm not really an apron person because I don't do a lot of cooking but I love just having them. I think the bottom one shouts "love" – it's gorgeous.

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