Basking in Rejection

Received my first honest-to-goodness rejection letter today. Signed, sealed and delivered.
The surprising thing was how good it felt. Twisted, I know, but maybe it was just the relief of knowing, of being freed to move on to other possibilities. (Was I just a teeny bit stressed about actually getting a writing contract with Random House and having to write another book?)  Or maybe it was just one of God's tender mercies–that I could feel relief rather than devastation.
In any case, a few moments later, a woman showed up at my door with a large bouquet of flowers. I looked at her and in the split second it took her to ask for the true recipients (who live three doors down) I thought to myself, Oh no! Why is someone sending me flowers!? And I had that momentary panic-induced sense of paralysis that feeling indebted to someone for something I didn't need or want brings on. 
So there you go. My writing was summarily dismissed by one of the largest publishing firms in the nation and nobody sent me flowers and I was absurdly glad about both occurrences. Made my day.

I never claimed to be easy to please.

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7 responses to “Basking in Rejection

  • Alicia

    LOL!!! You were relieved? Wow, would you be upset if you were accepted? Have you published before, if I may ask? If you have I'd like to read it!

  • P.S.

    lemonade. sour and sweet.

  • Kimber

    Heaven's no! I would have been insanely happy–which is why it is so strange to feel completely calm about not getting accepted. Why I'm sure it's truly one of God's tender mercies–I expected to be crushed if I was rejected, but I'm not, and that is so not like me. I have published before, but nothing worth reading, honestly. Little bits and pieces, all purely mercenary.

  • Freedom Smith

    I love the part about the flowers… were horrified at the thought, lol!! Glad that the rejection letter did not ruin your day! You have a great attitude!

  • Kimber

    Yes! Please, don't ever send me flowers. Although, I did have a neighbor come over last fall and plant tulip and daffodil bulbs all over my front flower bed and that may have been the sweetest surprise I've ever had!

  • Freedom Smith

    I feel the same way about flowers as gifts. I like the type that go in a vase but not the type that I am supposed to keep alive!! They never make it. LOLOL!

  • angie

    Well, I liked it! Just write more for me, and we'll both be happy!

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