Because I Didn’t Have Enough To Do, Already

It's official.
I have applied to graduate school. Okay, it probably isn't official; the mailman hasn't actually come yet; there is still time to go retrieve the thing from my mailbox.
But I'm not. 
I'm going to start in August and I'm going to give up my Friday evenings and all day, every Saturday, for more than two years in pursuit of a degree that I may or may not ever use. 
Because…I can?
Because I have a relentless compulsion to torture myself anew whenever I've completed whatever project was last tormenting me?
Because I am fascinated with the process of teaching? Because I never feel so fully alive as I do at four a.m., when I hit upon that perfect hook that will snag even the most belligerent thirteen year old's attention and reel her in and get her to ask questions and contribute answers and think?
Funny thing, though: I honestly cannot picture myself teaching in the public school system. I'm pretty sure I'd rather keep my current job. 
But I can't not do this program. 
For whatever reason.

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11 responses to “Because I Didn’t Have Enough To Do, Already

  • Waterbaby

    lol. Sounds like something … you … just … gotta … do. Best wishes that you do it well.

  • Kimber

    That's the kicker, isn't it? Doing it well?

  • P.S.

    Correct me if I am wrong – but wasn't it me trying to help you into your truck so you could go to the library and take your final for a corrispondence course, five or less days after you gave birth to baby number six… You are a driven person, on the pursiut of knowledge. I still giggle about when you got out to the truck, and had to seriously consider how you were going to step up into it. And after managing to get into the truck you said, "don't tell M." We giggled and you took off.
    AND out of love I am going to post this TEE HEE! M doesn't read these does he?
    You'll do great! I wish you the best of luck!

  • angie

    You'll be awesome. You already are awesome. If I did it, you certainly can!! Where are you going through? You'll hold off teaching until Matty's 5, right?? Kidding. Good luck!! If you find somewhere to teach besides the public school system or if you want to start your own school, count me in!!

  • ken

    totally cool,and your just what the school systems need ,common sense…..

  • Kimber

    I'm doing the Heritage University program. They just started it this year, actually. There's one for the program Mark's looking to do, too. And I'm absolutely game for starting a private school here in Moses. Not kidding. You find us a benefactor, Mark can get his admin degree and be principle. I'll arm wrestle you for the English/history teacher spot, Marty can teach industrial science and PE… We just need a math teacher and a janitor, right? Seriously. Get looking for a sponsor!

  • Kimber

    Actually, I think it was like three days after he was born. The rest of the world was glued to the television because Bush declared war, and I was in my hospital bed studying my brains out for finals. I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavier than my pillow, Marty couldn't even get off the couch because his ankle was so swollen they still couldn't cast it. Did I take the baby with me to that one? Do you remember? Seems like he was in his little seat under the table while I tried to explain the ramifications of some bronze age system of law in a five page essay before he woke up and wanted to eat or the test proctor said my time was up. Whichever was first. Ahhh. Those were the days…

  • Flamingo Dancer

    GO FOR IT! You will learn so much about yourself and others… enjoy the journey!

  • angie

    Yes! Bring it on. Thompson/Lybbert School of Common Sense. Or Lybbert/Thompson…

  • P.S.

    I believe that you took the little guy with you. You are amazing at details- I barely remember the months following the delivery of my babies- such a blur. Doesn't it seem like it was such a long time ago? And yet, just yesterday?!! Moses could use a good private school!

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