The Invisible Cabinet

In the (approximately) twenty-four hours since I removed the cabinet from this room, I have had the following conversation with no less than eighteen different children:
"Wow. It looks clean in here."
"You think so?"
"Yeah. . . . [clearly puzzled] it almost looks like something is missing. . ."
"Like maybe something from right there?"
"Ummmmm. No….. Yeah. Maybe?"
"There's something missing," I assure them.
They look very confused for a moment. They stare at the empty place on the floor. Finally they ask, "What's missing?"
"The cupboard."
"What cupboard?"
"The white cupboard that used to be right there."
One ten year old kid remembered that there used to be something there he jumped off of. My fifteen-year-old daughter didn't even figure it out until she'd eaten two meals in here, sitting right next to where it used to be. "I just thought you mopped, or something." Ye-ah–because when I mop it's the equivalent of removing four hundred pounds of unwanted material from the floor! The thing was solid wood, eight feet long by four feet tall and almost three feet deep! When I told my two teenaged boys (joking! I was joking!) who helped me move it that I'd changed my mind and wanted to put it back, I think they actually wanted to hurt me; they didn't think I was funny. 
It was a big, heavy cabinet. But apparently it wasn't very memorable, was it?

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3 responses to “The Invisible Cabinet

  • Emmi

    Loved the story. With our old house the ability to mop away all our decrepid furnishings would change my life for the better!
    A professor in my undergrad school recounted the time his 7 year old was in a bakery and he told his dad, "it smells like New York". The professor realized it did in fact smell just like their trip to New York City. 🙂

  • Kimber

    Well, nice to meet you! It's interesting how many in-common people we get to know on vox, isn't it? I took a look at your watercolors–sigh–I would love to paint, I really would. I had to laugh at your starbucks post–they think of everything to trick you in, don't they?

  • Emmi

    Thank you for stopping by my watercolor page! So glad you liked them. If you did any art as a kid you should try that first. I keep hearing how challenging watercolors are but since I tried it when I was young it's the only medium I find easy.
    I've been on Vox for 2 years and I'm amazed by how many super cool people are here. Glad to make your acquaintance as well 🙂

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