Feeling better today. As long as I don't do anything strenuous–loosen the lid on the pickle jar, say, or carry a baby up the stairs. But the rest of the time I'm no longer drowning and I can take a full breath. I even slept for six hours last night. At this rate of improvement I'm thinking I should be good as new within a few days. But if I can't access my own pickles by Friday, I'm going in, quack doctor or no. 

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4 responses to “Breathing

  • Grandma-P

    Glad to hear your doing some what better. I was worried about you. I was thinking you could have walking pneumonia. If you are not able to open said pickle jar by tomorrow, I say go see the duck.

  • Kimber

    I've had a few people mention pneumonia, but you would think I would have other symptoms beyond the inability to breathe–fever, chills, something. We'll see. I really do feel better today for the most part, thanks !

  • Emjay

    Yes – I thought pneumonia too – though when I had it I had a fever and felt really, really terrible. No cough though. Maybe it was an allergic type of bronchitis from all that nature! 🙂 Hope you continue to improve.

  • Kimber

    Thanks, and I'm thinking allergic reaction of some sort, too, because I've had so much itching lately.

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