Have you ever found yourself paralyzed? Like no matter what you do, it will always be the wrong thing? And is your frustration exponential when you consider that you've been in this exact place a thousand times before?

I decided this morning that in the interest of keeping my sanity that I could not think through my options even one more time. Not once. Just put it all in God's hands and get on with my day. Take a breath in. Out. Wash this dish. Tie that shoe. I dispensed with worry.
And then immediately went right back to the mental struggle. 
It's like herding cats–trying to keep a leash on my thoughts. 
It's probably quite pompous of me to think this way. To agonize over my options as if the happiness of so many people could possibly hinge on what I do or say. Or don't say.
Is it because I've pinned my happiness to theirs?

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