Potty Perplexities

I have this formerly potty trained three-year-old girl here who has relapsed the last few weeks.

Every time, she says, very calmly, "Oh, I need to go to the potty." Walks leisurely into the bathroom, turns on the light, pulls down her britches, and then whoosh, lets it all go, all over the bathroom floor. This is, of course, accompanied by hysterics.

Every time, I very calmly say, lets clean it up. You don't need to cry, get her dry clothes, etc, etc. Yesterday she had so many accidents I had to do a load of laundry just to send her home wearing something. She had another accident after that and took home my last spare set clothing her size.

The question is, why do I feel guilty when she does this? Like her relapse indicates some sort of failing on my part?

Sometimes I think it's something about MY bathroom, you know? While she's in there I do have to guard the door to keep all the little people out and all the big people from absently walking past and shutting the door–lest she go apoplectic.  I haven't ever gotten the complete story out of her as to why she gets hysterical if anyone shuts the door–she says, "There's no spiders in there! There's no monsters!" like she's trying to convince herself, but in any case, we keep the door open.

But it doesn't seem like she's avoiding the bathroom really–she displays no anxiety upon entering the room. It's only after she lets loose that she seems upset–it's almost like her bladder anticipates release just a few seconds too soon, I don't know.

Anyway, I'm seriously getting a complex over this because she only seems to do it at my house.

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