Going Digital

Can I help you?

    Uh, yeah. The Office of Anesthesia sent me over to fill out release forms for my children's dental records.

When were they last seen?

    February 12th of this year.

Okay. Um. Do you know if they had any xray's done? Because as of the 16th, we went digital.

    I think they did.

How many forms did you need?


Okay, fill these out for me.

    Do I really have to fill out an entire form for each child?

Yes, I'm sorry–I know it's a lot of writing.

    Twenty minutes and six forms and lots of snapping gum from the receptionist later, I hand the release forms back.

Alright–looks good.

    I filled out everything I needed to?

These are great.

    So now you send their files over–there's nothing more I need to do?

Well, we can't actually send anything.


We went digital on the sixteenth.


Well, they were seen on the 12th.

    Meaning . . . .

All our records are digital, Ma'am. If they had been seen on or after the 16th, we could have emailed their records over, but they were seen on the 12th.

    So what happens to records you made before the 16th?

They have to stay in this office.

    We can't get a copy?

We no longer have the equiptment to make copies. It's all digital.

    So . . . you have nothing at all–no xrays, no records–to send.

    You have no information to release to the other clinic?


    So I didn't really need to fill out those forms.


I stood there. She sat there. We stared at each other. She honestly didn't see the problem.   


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