Help Wanted

How does one go about making a living with a keyboard?

It occurs to me that someone–lots of someones even–out there could use a typist/proofreader/writer. I type 80 plus net words a minute with my fingernails and a kid on my lap, so really people. There must be a market for my skills.

Even a teeny, weeny, little market?

Just a couple grand a month?

Minus all the work-at-home scams that come up when you try to find that market on-line?


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5 responses to “Help Wanted

  • viki

    Have you thought about transcription for an attorney? Personally, I think you are a very gifted writer. Have you tried sending samples of your writing to magazines or newspapers- like for a column?

  • This is Life

    You should be typing for a living! Then you could watch my kids… wait no-one wants to watch my kids they are very very BAD! I'll keep an eye out for you-n

  • Kimber

    Yeah, I don't think I'd get much typing done.. . . I don't know about bad, but definitely busy. Speaking of which, we're having a hard time keeping your son in his seat on the way home from school, not to mention his hands off all the cool buttons/window controls/etc, etc. Remind him that he needs to wear his seatbelt and keep his hands to himself in and around the vehicle. Mrs. Skaugg's been having trouble with the boys running up to the van and pounding on it while it's still moving, and Marty's had a problem with them trying to open the door, too. Just tell him Uncle Marty is the only one allowed to open or shut the doors/windows/blinds.

  • Kimber

    I have actually–well, thought about it. I hate the marketing part of things–I just want to write. Lazy of me, I know. Here's my question–I know five or six viki's–are you one of them, or are you a new friend? Do you have a blog somewhere else?

  • viki

    I don't know who the others are, so you probably don't know me. I know Nena, and that is where I hooked in to your blog. I am an Anderson, maiden name was waites. My blog addy is I lost my blog about 2 months ago, so there is not much there right now. Come on by to visit!

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