The New Pecking Order

Man, I'm not playing with W anymore.


He's just a stupid baby.

[door slams, W comes in, too]

Waaaaa! D called me a stupid baby!

    Well, are you?

No! But he said–

    What if D said you were a pink bunny. Would that make you a pink bunny?


    So I guess D doesn't know what he's talking about, then, does he?

Yes I do.

    Why are you calling names, D?

He is a stupid baby. Every time I hurt him, he cries.

    Why are you hurting him?

We're just playing a game!

    It doesn't sound like a fun game to me. W, why do you keep playing with D if he's hurting you?

Yeah, W. Geez. Why are you so stupid?


Well! He is! You're not supposed to cry! You get up and you hurt someone else until they cry.  

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