In Your Expert Opinion

What should a parent do–what would you do if you knew your child was trying to hide something from you?

I'm not talking substance abuse, immorality or stolen merchandise. More like he took a permanent marker to his blue jeans, or didn't eat most of his lunch and it rotted in his backpack. Little stuff.

Do you call them out on it–thus making them feel foolish not only for the deed but the attempted deception–or do you let them keep their little secret and you keep your own–that you do, in truth, have eyes in the back of your head?

I tend to call them out–I try to make a joke of it, like I only noticed the deed, and found it amusing, and didn't notice the deception. I guess I want them to know that I'm not going to freak out about things. Hoping that next time they won't feel the need to conceal.

Because it bothers me that they do feel the need. They aren't any good at it, and I find that reassuring. 

But here's a disturbing thought–what if in showing my hand–I can tell when you're hiding something–I inadvertently encourage them to hone their skills at deception?


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