Sixty Years and Counting

Received a link to this video today, and who should it be but my grandparents on the news. (Just in case you aren't directed to top news stories for Feb 14, that's what you're looking for. It seems to be occasionally directing clicks to the current days news.)

Might not mean anything to you, but it made my day in so many ways.

Tell it like it is, Grandpa.

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2 responses to “Sixty Years and Counting

  • Emjay

    How wonderful! 60 years married – they look very comfortable together. I hope they had a wonderful night out.

  • Grandma-P

    What a wonderful example of true love. My pastor was talking about how we come into this world thinking the world should revolve around us and everyone should meet our needs. Jesus teaches us to love others like we love ourselves. I have found in my marriage if I put my husband first and treat him as a king he treats me as a queen. ;o) So far my marriage has lasted over 40 years. Praise the Lord!

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