The Kleenex Cure

Kimber, will you put this Bratz tattoo on me?

    I think you'd better keep the tattoo on the valentine, and when you get home, you ask your mom if it's okay.

She will say it's okay!

    Then we'll let her put it on you.

Pleeeeaaase. Ally might get her feelings hurt if I don't put it on.

    Ask your mom. I'm sure Ally is happy you like her Valentine.  

Then, can I have one of the cupcakes she brought?

    I'm sorry sweetie; you heard what your mom said about the cupcakes.

Nuh uh!

    You have too much snot this week. She doesn't want you to have any sugar when you've been sick.

But she said that if I have a lot of snot, I can just blow reeeeeaaaaly really hard, and then the snot will be all gone and then I can have sugar.


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