Let Not Your Left Hand

Look at me. Are you listening? Okay. Socks and shoes on–NOW. Chop chop!  Hey, did I sign your reading log?


Did you brush your teeth?

    [a bit of eye rolling] Yes.

Where's your homework?

    In my backpack.

Did you remember your valentines?


Did you address them yet?


Why not?! I bought them a week ago–you've had time to do this!

    Mom, if I put a valentine in their pouch, then obviously the valentine is for them; addressing them would be redundant.

    Well. Don't you think you should at least put who it's from?

No . . .

    Why not?

Um. Doesn't the Bible say to do good things for people without telling anyone you did them?


I've been told this is a symptom of having possible lawyer or politician tendencies. And I did try so hard to be a good mother . . .

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