Anyone who really knows me understands why I had to poach this picture from FD:



4 responses to “Lemon

  • Miss Spider (Charlotte)

    Hey Kimber I love this– it made me laugh. I am still alive-lol. thanks for checking on me– means alot. I hope to be blogging regularly soon. its been crazy but im still happy. You have a happy valentines day! I hope lots of blessings for you and yours!


  • Kimber

    Yes, for so many reasons even I won't post on a public forum. Where do you find these things?! And what I really want to know, is, do you look at all like Ms. Lemon? She's so like I picture you.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    LOL some days I feel like I look like that, but no – if you go back to my enteries about April last year you will see my photo, but it might disppoint you somewhat – I am mere mortal alas. Beautiful of course, but mortal!!!!!
    The photos are from the Library of Congress online photo catalogue – I love looking through the vintage photos

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