Last night I was helping my children make their valentines. I understand that my generation is a little scarred from having six Jennifers and three Johns in every class, growing up–but Jahcylyn? Some are just bizzarre spellings of traditional names, many are probably ethnic, but all are unique. A sampling:

Jahcylyn. Sopriana. Midori. Allstar. Aleks. Rheese. Boriacian. Joshikia. Solonica. SoHap. Quinton (okay, that one's my fault) Winslow (also mine) Jaeger (mine, but I also have a Meg and a Joseph, so back off). Mercedes. Bridger–several of these, actually, plus two Hunters. Mikkel. Willem. Noe. Kyler. Nasaadia. Willow Tree. (I kid you not) Bowser. Keston. Ed.

And those are the ones I remember how to spell. Not one Jennifer, Michael or John. 

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7 responses to “Tyduhl

  • Mandy

    Allstar is destined to be some great sports hero…or doomed to fail. What is with parents spelling their kids names so strangely…oh wait, I did it with Kymberly.

  • P.S.

    I think it's stonger in Moses… Here the only odd name is Ammon. Not one other uncommon name or spelling. The only other place, that we lived in, that used a lot of names I wasn't used to was in Clairmont, and it was names like DeShaun, DeAngelo, DeAndre, De….etc… (Yep, they were not white)
    In our family the end with "den" is popular… Crayden, Shaden, Drayden… (and yes, two of them are from Moses..) But we also have extended family that seemed to be on the more creative side—-Winslow-Quinton- Jaeger….also from Moses. I think Utah is common for uncommon names and spellings alo

  • Kimber

    Crayden? Seriously? Whose kid is that? Wait . . . I have a -don ending, too. Pronounced -den . . . Doh! It is Moses. Something in the water!

  • This is Life

    Hello… I have the Zaymes, Mikkel, Beckham and Hendrix! Those are my kids!But the best one I have ever heard is spelled….Le-a. Tell me how would you say that? maybe Lea?No it was (Laydashae) yes the – was pronounced dash! What??????? crazy I know the mother was mad that no one understood it!Nena

  • Grandma-P

    I was registering children for vacation bible school one year and a little girl told me her name, I could not understand what she was saying at all even after she said it about ten times. To me it sounded something like Lalisatanomakuanickasatoma or something like that. I said, honey do you have a nickname, thankfully she did and I wrote down Cookie.

  • Kimber

    Ha! My second to oldest son solved the problem of addressing all those valentines by not adressing any at all. "Mom," he said. "If I put it in their pouch, obviously it's for them–why would I need to put a name on it?" Well, shouldn't you at least put your name on it? I asked him. "Isn't it better to do good things secretly than to always take the credit for them?" He won the argument.

  • Grandma-P

    You have a lawyer or politician in the making.

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