We've been through this a millllllllion times. You get a drink. You potty. You go outside. You stay outside. When you come in, you stay in. Every time you go out, it makes the babies cry to go out too.

Okay, I promise, promise, promise, I won't run in and out.

Leave the bark on the ground?

I promise.

Use nice words?

I promise.

Only climb the slide toy?

I promise, promise, promise.

Jack, you too?

Pinky swear. We'll use our inside voices and we won't throw bark.

And you'll keep your feet on the ground unless you're going to slide?

Promise. Pleeeeeease, can we go out. We promise. 

Two minutes later, they are both standing on the roof of the play house, throwing bark at passing cars.

Get down.

They grin at me. One of them eyes the porch roof, which is now within reach.

In the house. Now.

We go through the whole thing of promise promise promise, this time I really promise, and I'm standing my ground. No. We're not going back outside. You've had your chance.

But this time I really promise.




[whispers to Jack] Sometimes if you cry really hard, they change their mind.

Double no.

Wah, boo hoo, screaming crying. Why not? 

You know why not.

But I promise this time. You can have my promise. Give me another chance.

Chances are all gone.


You used all your chances. 

No I didn't! Him did!   

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