I Love You, Back

Kimbuh, where's the scissors?


Can you get them for me?


Why not?

    Why do you think?

Because I cut my hair with them.

    That would be why.

But I won't this time.


Why not?

    You know what? Supper's almost ready, and then your mom will be here. How about we clean up all this paper, okay?

Not unless you give me the scissors.

    Okay. I guess I'll have to do it myself.  

    She knows how I clean up, so she grabs her project out of the pile of things I'm sweeping into the trash.

If you don't let me have the scissors, I'm gonna say bad words.


I'll punch you in the eye.

    I offer her my eye socket. Really? Let's see how that turns out for you.

She glares at me. Turns around backward in her chair to watch me make supper.

    If you sit like that, you might fall over and hurt your legs.

I'm not turning around until you give me the scissors.

    Might be hard to reach your plate sitting backwards.



Minutes pass. Everyone else gets up for dinner.



I love you.

    You do? That's nice.

How come you don't say I love you back? You're supposed to say I love you back or you might hurt thems feelings.   

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