Boo's mom called from the emergency room tonight. In the background I could hear the poor thing crying like a banshee. Boo! My sweet little Boo that never cries, and if she does whimpers to a stop in moments.

I got to the hospital and she was wired like a monkey in one of those Disney movies from the 1970's. I wanted to scoop her up but Mom was doing a perfectly fine job of being Mom, of course. Standing there rocking our wired, sniffling Boo.

So strange to love these little people like my own and then to step aside.

Boo is six months older than The Beast–who isn't even one yet and knows how to open my dishwasher, pull out the racks and climb them onto the counter. Beastie up from her nap this afternoon when Mom arrived but she wanted to stay with me. You know, the heavy, sleep baby mode, where they've molded themselves to your upper body and want to stay there? I went to the hospital the day she was born. She was absolutely perfect. I've watched her roll over and crawl and learn to tell me No!

And she wants to stay with me. Sweet little Beastie. Wiry, determined, smart little Beastie.

Miss Juicy Cheeks is six months old. Happiest baby in the world. Boo is chronically, sweetly content;  but Juicy Cheeks, she's gleefully happy.  She's got these perfectly round cheeks, clear out to there, and arms and legs you want to squeeze, just to see if they're real. She sits there on the floor and giggles at everything you say and do. Chokes on her bottle when someone drops something or sneezes and it sends her into fits of merriment.

Baby D is two months old. I've only had him here and there while Mom's on maternity leave, but he feels just like one of my boys. I forget, when I'm holding him, that he isn't mine. Squirms and stretches and coos like a Lybbert. Smart, too. Have you ever met a two month old that will talk back, every time? Bit of a bowel problem that one–goes four and five days at a time without cleaning out the system. We're trying to balance it out with prune juice and such. Holding him, I want to take back all those years of lovin' my own little ones. Take them back and breathe in every moment again until I've memorized them. 

Sigh. Called in a favor from a friend of mine to do some lovin on Boo for me when she's on duty at the hospital tomorrow. Since I can't. :(  She really is the sweetest little thing. Big brown eyes and a smile to split your heart right in half.  

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