The Birds

Speaking of birds, FD, we had an invasion last month that was surprisingly disconcerting. One of the babies was making a fuss at the window, so I went to see what the excitement was all about and found my lawn, trees, and everything in sight covered with these small black birds. There was a thick fog obscuring pretty much everything beyond the houses opposite us. Gave it an eerie sci-fi quality. Colors a bit off, since I had to adjust levels in photoshop so you could see the birds through the fog.




When I opened the door to get a shot unobscured by fingerprints (have you ever tried to wash the outside of your windows in sub-zero weather? Note to self: Windex does not contain anti-freeze) the birds on the lawn took off and flew right at, then up and over the house. Scared the bejeebers out of me, so I only caught the tail end of the flock coming toward me:



Isn't there a Stephen King or a Hitchcock movie about birds invading like this?  

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