Parent Teacher Conference #5

Went to parent teacher conference today for my seventh grade child.


He is receiving 100% or close to it on his tests, but is scoring C’s on his report cards.


Because he isn’t returning his reading logs, and forgets to bring things to class sometimes. Nor is he taking advantage of the daily extra credit opportunities.

I seriously wanted to elbow the kid. Or take away his . . . I don’t know what. Something he really likes—I’m telling you, I wanted to dish out SOMETHING. C’s!? Are you kidding me? Really? Cause I’m serious when I say I’m not forking out for a college education if that’s the best you can do with the fantastic brain you’ve got.

Oh, and his glasses that I spent the $178 more on than the generic ones because I agreed, and he agreed they were cooler, and so I was willing to spend the extra dough so he’d promise to wear them—yeah, he’s not wearing them. Teachers didn’t even know he had glasses. He’s almost as blind as me! Just in case you didn’t know, that’s pretty blind.

Come ON boy!

On second thought, and maybe an entirely different topic, or maybe related in some deep dark way that I won’t comprehend until I finish this post.

Does he have something he likes? Really likes? That he’d care about if I took it away? Hmmm? I don’t know if he does. He likes to sleep and eat. He has a bed, a few pair of jeans, shoes and a couple shirts. What am I going to do, take away his socks? We don’t even have television. Watch movies as a family on the projector, and sometimes he plays video games with his brothers. Not enough to care if I took it away. He doesn’t like to go anywhere. He bought a stereo with his own money, an occasionally surfs the net looking for a speaker cable or something. Wouldn’t really care if I took that privilege away either.

So maybe the real problem is life is BORING. Maybe he needs incentive not a punishment—but what? More food? He has everything he wants really—we eat pretty well, and I’m not going to put him on a diet of gruel until he shapes up. 

Help! We lead such boring eat/sleep/brush your teeth lives that I can’t even begin to imagine a suitable incentive for a twelve year old boy.  And if I can’t even imagine an incentive to get him to remember his reading log or his ruler, it’s no wonder he doesn’t do it without one.

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