My Sandy Children

As I  was reading my scriptures this morning (and can I just say that morning study rather than evening really does make for a better day? Can I learn that lesson ten more times in my life?) I come across the Isaiah chapter that talks about having "peace like a river". I always liked that. Never really connected it to the next verse that says that I might have also had seed like unto the sands of the ocean.

Isaiah and inspiration forgive me, but I had this image of children–particularly teens–like sand. And the analogy fit so well! Sand. Think about it. It gets into your personal belongings. Every one of them. Impossible ones. You can't get rid of it. Sometimes, if you aren't careful, years later, after it should have been gone, it's still lurking about in the corners. It has no self-motivation. No momentum. To get it to move you have to physically pick it up and hurl it down the beach. Where it skids to a stop and just lays there. And you know what the authorities say when you start chucking sand. Can't do it. 

Yeah, I could really go places with this analogy today. 

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